1349’s “The Wolf & The King” out October 4, 2024 on Season of Mist. 

The Wolf & The King is a monument of black metal mastery. 1349’s new album album is an eight-track odyssey recorded at Amper Tone in Oslo and New Constellation R.M.P. in Orlando, produced and mixed by the relentless duo Ravn and Jarrett Pritchard. These eight songs do more than just push boundaries; they shatter them, exploring themes of transformation through destruction, liberation and mind expansion.

Each song on The Wolf & The King is a portal into realms where shadows reign and chaos is the only order. “Shadow Point” enhances 1349’s ferocity with unrelenting grooves and complex headbanging riffs that echo the haunting chills of the abyss. From the menacing “The God Devourer” to the cataclysmic “Fatalist”, the band imbues the album with apocalyptic elegance. The previously released “Ash of Ages” merges thrash influences with black metal intensity, while “Inferior Pathways” forms an indomitable backbone of unforgiving riffs and demonic rhythms.

“Shadow Point” is just the beginning of The Wolf & the King’s aural assault. Kneel into the void and bow to the relentless fury of 1349’s blackened artistry.

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